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Enterprise name:Chongqing passenger ropeway Co., Ltd.



Address:No. 151, Xinhua Road, Yuzhong District, Chongqing 

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Chairman:Liu Yong

Hello!Dear friend

  Welcome you to enter the Chongqing passenger ropeway limited company through the internet.

  Urban tourism is a must——Chongqing three dimensional transportation network

  Dear friends, I believe you will not be unfamiliar with China's fourth municipalities directly under the central government, that is, the Yangtze River and Jialing River Interchange - Chongqing. Chongqing is a world-famous mountain city, the most prominent feature of which is the ups and downs of the terrain, a strong sense of three-dimensional. Chongqing passenger cableway Co. Ltd was built according to the terrain, population and climate factors such as the mountain river cableway, the escalator became part of Chongqing transportation network, these mountain transportation brings together Chongqing humanities, history, the essence of construction to become the city tourism to go to.

  Famous reputation at home and abroad -- Chongqing photography base

  Chongqing city passenger ropeway Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in urban ropeway, elevators, escalators and other passenger transportation services of state-owned enterprises. It has four branches, respectively, in the Yangtze River in the first air corridor -- Chongqing city passenger ropeway Co., the Yangtze River cableway branch, Chinese first cross river cableway - Chongqing city passenger ropeway Co. Ltd. Jialing River cableway branch, indoor public elevator - Chongqing city passenger ropeway Co., Kaixuan elevator company, the first in Asia escalator - Chongqing city passenger ropeway Company Limited two Escalator branch junctions. Chongqing passenger ropeway Co., Ltd has been selected as a Chongqing photography base by many directors because of its uniqueness and urban symbolism.

  Heavy cultural heritage -- Chongqing Municipal Cultural Relics

  With the development of the city, the subsidiary of Chongqing cableway Co., Ltd. Jialing River cableway branch (demolition) and the Yangtze River cableway branch, at the end of 2009 have been named as Chongqing Municipal Cultural relics.

  Dear friends successfully set up on the company's website at us on behalf of the Chongqing municipal passenger ropeway limited company staff welcome friends everywhere tourism, mountain feel unique transport, get access to the city, we will be adhering to the "safe, high-quality service, passengers on the" principle of service, wholeheartedly for your service. Hope friends take a ride and have a good sightseeing!

Chongqing passenger ropeway Co., Ltd.

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