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Enterprise name:Chongqing passenger ropeway Co., Ltd.



Address:No. 151, Xinhua Road, Yuzhong District, Chongqing 

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Instructions for riding

  1、To take the ropeway, please turn up and down in the car after entering the station. When you enter the car, please pull the handrail or the rings. If there is a power failure or unexpected parking, please don't panic and obey the direction of the staff.

  2、Induced disease risk visitors (heart disease, mental disorders, hypertension, acrophobia, habitual abortion history, and part of the pregnancy early and late pregnant women and elderly tourists should not be part of the action) ropeway.

  3、Drunk, out of control, critically ill patients and mental patients will not take the ropeway, old, weak, sick, disabled, pregnant and children under 1.2 meters should be taken care of by relatives so as to avoid accidents.

  4、Strictly prohibited to carry flammable, explosive, easy to corrosive goods ride, is strictly prohibited to switch the car door without permission, the head, hand out of the window, playing slapstick, throwing litter outside the car.

Chongqing passenger ropeway Co., Ltd.

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