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Enterprise name:Chongqing passenger ropeway Co., Ltd.



Address:No. 151, Xinhua Road, Yuzhong District, Chongqing 

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  Chongqing passenger ropeway company was established in July 1, 1989, in October 2011, the company name changed to chongqing passenger ropeway co., LTD. Department of chongqing city public transportation holding (group) co., LTD, subsidiary wholly-owned subsidiary. There are 400 employees (of whom 200 are retirees). More than 10 million passengers a year. The company has obtained ISO9001:2008 quality system certification.

  Passenger transport company is engaged in the professional line cable, governs the jialing river cableway built in January 1982, connecting the yuzhong district (jc white road), jiangbei (sands street), the total length of 740 meters, the river-crossing passenger ropeway is domestic first; It was completed in October 1987, connecting yuzhong district (xinhua road) and nanshi (longmen), which is 1,166 meters long and is known as the first air corridor of the Yangtze river. The elevator, which was completed in March 1985, USES two high-speed dc elevators, the elevator up and down 35 meters, the first passenger elevator for urban public transport. Two crossroads escalator running in February 1996, total length of 112 meters, the vertical height of 52.7 meters, slope of 30 degrees, there are upper and lower and standby escalator three, each maximum capacity of 13000 passengers per hour, is the slope of Asia's longest escalator; Holdings in jinyun mountain cableway is one of the longest tourism cableway, the total length of 1974 meters, the height of up and down the station 450 meters since opened in 1997, due to its smooth, efficient, environmental protection, no pollution, is the first choice for many residents to jinyun mountain tourist transport.

Chongqing passenger ropeway Co., Ltd.

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